Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Martin Luther King on "Creative Maladjustment"

The Norwegian organisation "WSO" (We Shall Overcome) had a link to

"Martin Luther King Jr. on maladjustment

in http://forensicpsychologist.blogspot.com

Quoting from the introduction:

Last year, in honor of Martin Luther King Day, I excerpted a large portion of a keynote speech the visionary civil rights leader delivered at the 1967 convention of the American Psychological Association, just seven months before he was gunned down and at a time when he was drawing larger connections between racial oppression and the Vietnam War. This year, I am excerpting only one short section, but I have made the entire speech, "The Role of the Behavioral Scientist in the Civil Rights Movement," available for download (HERE). It's 45 years old, but still remarkably relevant today. 

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