Sunday, 18 March 2012


Norsk sammendrag: 
Jeg legger ut dette på nytt fordi det ikke kommer opp i søk. 
Det er en lenke til en smertefullt ærlig gjennomgang av en helbredelsesprosess. 
Dessverre er det langt ... og på engelsk.  

I posted this a year ago, and I'm reposting because it does not come up in site searches: 

I'm linking to something called "TERRORHOOD" that I mentioned in the comments to the "Abuse and use" post.

I actually printed out the whole thing some years ago - it was painful reading, but very helpful. Others might find different things there; it gave me new insights into being used as an object of addiction.

I don't agree with everything here, and I wouldn't recommend trying to read it straight through - I used to dip into it here and there, stop when it hit me where it hurt, and then work my way through that before I continued.

But the raw honesty it contains is rare and wonderful. Clinton Clark is one of my heroes

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