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Edited Jan 24, 2015
What if ...

physical fractures that are caused by a traffic accident were treated like the fractured integrity that is caused by harm in our lives?

Imagine having complex fractures in both legs and hearing this from a medical expert:
After exhaustive testing and investigations, we have concluded that your movement impediment is outside the spectrum of normality, and you will never be able to walk again. You have an ambulatory disorder, and will have to learn to live with it.
It’s not your fault, it’s not anyone’s fault, the cause is a chemical imbalance in your skeleton. Your responsibility is to face up to your illness and the fact that you will never walk normally ... that’s what having an ambulatory disorder means ... and cooperate with the rigorous regimen of evidence-based movement training that we have set up for you. 
You will also have to learn to live with pain, but don’t worry – we will help you with all the extensive pharmaceutical resources that modern ambulatory disorder research has placed at our disposal.
Obedience submission compliance  cooperation is essential here - you can only be helped if you place yourself in our hands and realize that we are the only serious, evidence-based scientific alternative, and refrain from bringing up irrelevancies or asking awkward questions.
Car? What car? Didn’t you hear what I just said? We’re not talking about cars here, we’re talking about your responsibility for realizing the realities of your situation, being positive, putting the past behind you and looking to the future like the good little disordered patient we need you to be.
What did you say? You still insist on blaming the driver of the fantasy car that you keep babbling about for your disorder? We can’t help you if you reject the realities of your situation and disappear into paranoid problems that only exist in your sick little mind ...

I can’t go on, this is way too depressing, I have actually met with this kind of logic from our national mental health services when I was attempting to heal non-physical  childhood harm.

But I was extremely lucky ... I finally  connected with someone in the health services (not a psychotherapist) who was able to give me the space I needed to look at how my integrity had been fractured. And that is another story - my Thanks to a Helper who Helped

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