Saturday, 7 December 2013

A psychiatrist on letting go
of knowledge and power:

Psychiatrist Blows The Lid On Antidepressants   

By Jon Rappoport

Q: The expert.  
A: Yes. That’s a powerful feeling. People come to you    with questions and you have the answers. If you don’t, then you’re thrown    down in the pit with everyone else. Part of being a doctor is being above    the pit, out of the problem. You’re the solution. You don’t want to fall. And the only thing that keeps you from falling is what you’ve learned. Your knowledge. When you see that that’s based on lies, you don’t know    what to do. It’s like being a priest and realizing that everyone gets to    the far shore by his own means. You don’t want to let go of the doctrine that put you on the pulpit.  
Q: So what would a new paradigm look like?  
A: For mental health? We have to get rid of all the old    classsifications and disorders. We have to let all that sink into oblivion.    That was wrong. That was largely fantasy.  
Q: It was a story.  
A: We told it, and now we have to stop telling it. Because    we’ve ended up intervening in people’s lives in a very pernicious way.  
Q: Part of the story necessitated that kind of intervention.  
A: Yes. And, not to take myself off the hook, but people    want that kind of story, as you say. They want that “expert story.”    They want someone else to come in and tell them what to do and what to    think and what drug to take.  
Q: Why do you think that is?  
A: Because people have taken the easy path. They have    opted for what I would call a flat version of reality. If they started    adding dimensions on their own—  
Q: They would be forced to tell their own story.  
A: In the terms you’re using, yes. That’s what would    happen.  
Q: And how would society look then?  
A: Much different. Much more risky, perhaps, but much    more alive. Psychology and psychiatry don’t allow for that kind of outcome.    All mental disorders are constructs. They’re named by committees, as I’m    sure you know. They’re a form of centralized pattern. In this context,    the word “shrink” is very appropriate. That’s what we’ve been    doing. Shrinking down the perception of what reality and the mind are all    about.    

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