Monday, 27 February 2012

Blog: Mental Health Cop

Most of my writing is in Norwegian at the moment, so I'll be posting links for a while. 

Here is a blog that is described as 
"A venn diagram of policing, mental health and criminal justice"

An excerpt from "About": 
I eventually found out that there are no simple answers: you have to triangulate a multitude of opinions and form your own. You must accept from the start that when you then start expressing them, you will meet just some people who are prepared todie in a ditch before they will ever agree with you; even though you are trying your best to understand laws or guidelines and representing back opinions from people who do their job. When you point this out – that other people who do their job disagree with them about the issue in hand – and that they are contradicted by their own guidance, you start to understand the kind of paradigm we’ve constructed. It’s when you then meet other quite amazing health and social care professionals who will tell you that you were quite correct in what you thought you’d read – you start to wonder what onearth has been going on?

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