Sunday, 7 December 2014

"yes but the point is"

This is the second continuation of a story that began with "Parallel monologues" and continued in "u still got it wrong"

I was only an observer this time, and the interchange is so surrealistic that I want to document it in screenshots to get the chronological order. 

But first "the point":
To me, point is that fact is fact and opinion is opinion, and discussions about "getting it wrong" are only relevant about statements that are falsifiable.

I am embedding two images that don't show in the screenshots:

And the screenshots need to be read upwards.

The sentence in Norwegian at the top of the next image belongs to another conversation, but fits in nicely: "You can realize that I am right or complain and be shown that I am right". Said by the psychiatrist who borderlined me, in our first meeting.

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