Wednesday, 25 March 2015


There is no no stag at bay, but Deerforth is resting neatly on the storehouse porch ...

And we found a Proto-Dalek hiding in the barn.

The moose on the wellhouse roof has lost her snowy winter cap

And  there are snowdrops!
And rhubarb shoots are pushing out of the frozen ground.

This is the calcium supplement of the squirrels who visit our bird feeder - you can see the tooth marks at the top.

SO and I had an anniversary some days ago - it is 45 years since I suggested we get married. I had to take the initiative, as I was in my final gymnasium year and had planned to move to the USA, where I was born, and SO was a teacher and much too ethical to take our relationship beyond discussions about shoes and ships and existential philosophy over endless cups of coffee at the local cafe. 
We celebrated by inviting some friends over for a firewalk. 

Life is good, and I'm much too busy observing spring to have time for Twitter.

I am also writing like whoa, but have to go with the flow and write what wants to be written. In time I will get around to the stuff I have tweeted that I will write, but that time is not now. 

So there will be little tweeting and blogging in the near future, but ...

I'll be back! 


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